About Evan

American classical guitarist Evan Taucher is making a statement in the classical guitar world by establishing himself as both a performer and a presence onstage and online.

Taucher has enjoyed performing in concerts all over the United States and Europe. In November 2019, Taucher will perform in both GuitarSarasota’s concert series as well as the Grand Rapids International Artist series.

Most recently, Taucher was chosen as one of six in the world to perform and study with the prolific Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in Banff, Canada.  At the beginning of 2019, Taucher was chosen among all North American applicants as the 2019 Magellan Scholar to study in Spain with the classical guitar’s foremost luminaries.

During his two years of study with Cuban virtuoso Rene Izquierdo, Taucher won 8 separate prizes in professional competitions throughout the United States including 3 Grand Prizes. Taucher was also the first guitarist to enter the University of Texas at Austin’s prestigious Artist Diploma program, where he currently studies with Adam Holzman.

Taucher holds a Bachelor of Music from Florida State University where he studied with Bruce Holzman, as well as a two Masters’ degrees – one from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with Rene Izquierdo, and the other from the University of Alicante in Spain.

Taucher is passionate about sharing music on stages around the world, as well as connecting the vast guitar community through social media – namely Instagram and YouTube. Taucher hosts live-streamed technique classes as well as competitions targeted at connecting guitarists with young composers.

Taucher is a D’Addario Artist and is sponsored by Accord Cases and Soundbrenner. Taucher plays a guitar made by American luthier Steven Walter.